6 Hours of Prayer 2nd Dec 2017

6 Hours of Prayer for Giving Campaign

Saturday 2nd December 2017

1000 Opening worship followed by quiet time
1100 Prayer with music
1200 Midday Office followed by quiet time
1300 Prayer with Icons and incense

(1350) Litany of Christian Giving

1400 Prayer with music
1500 Quiet time. (1530) Closing Worship

hands (8)


Come along and join us in church for 6 hours of prayer as we prepare for our giving and pledges day, asking the Holy Spirit to help us grow our church spiritually and numerically so that we can be a greater blessing to our community.

The church will be open with a variety of worship and prayer using different music styles, icons, incense, silence, and liturgy.

Why not come along and try out the varying styles of worship and prayer.

All are most warmly welcome.