Children’s Society

St John’s Church Brigg helps support The Children’s Society, and many of the congregation are box-holders. The money they have raised goes towards funding projects aiming to improve the lives of children and young people in need throughout the country.

As The Children’s Society relies heavily on volunteers and voluntary fund raising, more supporters are always welcome. For more information on how you can become a supporter please contact

Elizabeth Johnson on 01652 655518

The Children’s Society

 Christian Aid

The Quiz Night on February 2nd in aid of Christian Aid raised a grand total of £522.50 which is also eligible for match-funding by HM Government. 

In addition our collection at Brigg Tesco on Saturday 17th February raised £361.21. 

Our thanks to all who supported these two events.

Have you ever wondered what you can do to help the poorest in the world?

You can help by supporting Christian Aid. Here is an opportunity to make a real difference in other parts of the world – places that we might never ourselves see.

Poverty is an outrage against humanity.  It robs people of dignity, freedom and hope, of power over their own lives.  Christian Aid has a vision – an end to poverty – and we believe that vision can become a reality if together we enhance the power of the poor to make fundamental choices about the economic, social, personal and political aspects of their lives.

Christian Aid has been helping people to lift themselves out of poverty for nearly 70 years.  The organisation was founded in 1945 in the aftermath of the Second World War, as the British and Irish churches’ response to the refugee crisis in Europe.   Today Christian Aid works in approximately 48 countries and the campaigning activities in Britain and Ireland are still firmly rooted in our Christian faith.   Christian Aid is the churches’ development agency.  We are sponsored by the churches and unite people from all denominations and networks in prayer and service.

As followers of Jesus, we take our inspiration from his mission and ministry.  We are driven by the gospel of good news to the poor and are inspired by the vision of a new earth where everyone lives in justice, peace and plenty.

We make the biggest impact by working through trusted partners.  And because we don’t give funds to governments, we avoid corrupt regimes.  A considerable amount of money goes to providing emergency aid every year, but we commit as much as possible to long-term development to make sure we are providing lasting solutions to poverty.

If you would like to know about the work of Christian Aid please go to the website:

If you would like to volunteer and help our local Christian Aid group in Brigg and District please contact our Chairperson –  Sheila Neave – tel 01652  658551    or our Secretary – Caroline Ballard – tel 01652 659560.

The Food Bank

Donations for the Barton Food Bank, which also serves the community of Brigg, can be left either at Tesco’s in Brigg, or at Saint John the Evangelist.

Thank you for your support.


The Rotary Club of Great Britain’s


In February 2017, the Rotary Club joined us on the Farmer’s Market Day to raise awareness of their Purple for Polio Campaign.  The PCC agreed to donate half of the funds raised by refreshments that day to the campaign (£90.00) and , the PCC would double this figure, donating £180. Bill Gates, of Microsoft fame, had promised to double this figure yet again, and so a total of £360 was raised.



Samaritans Purse Operation Christmas Child 2017

Grimsby collected in 23,418 boxes which went to Romania, Liberia and Belarus. In total 678,942 boxes were sent from the UK to various parts of the world.

This year we are filling shoeboxes for Rotary. 200 boxes have arrived. These boxes can be filled and given back to me at any time through the year, not just at Christmas. As soon as I have 50 filled I contact Rotary and they come and pick them up. Please let me know how many you would be willing to fill. You can either pick the empty boxes up from me or I can leave them in church. Only £2.00 transportation cost per box to send.

Contact Maria Simpson, on 655353 or email for further information.