Church Hall Users Policy




Welcome to the Parish Church of St. John the Evangelist, Brigg’s Church Hall. We are delighted that you wish to use this facility as your venue.  You can enquire about the use of the church for your activity by speaking with the Hall Bookings Manager who may on occasion need to ensure the approval of the incumbent before agreeing to your use of the church. As the hall is part of the church and is therefore part of God’s house, and is where many come to pray and be with God, we do need to be sensitive to the type of activities that can take place.

In order to ensure that you are safe and comfortable whilst using the hall, we have put together these guidelines for you. If you have any concerns or questions in the run up to your use of these facilities, or even while you are using it, please do not hesitate to contact the Bookings Manager, whose details can be found on the notice board.

Should you also wish to use the Church itself, please contact the Vicar.

Hire Costs

The Hall is charged out at £10.00 per hour and is payable prior to the event unless other arrangements have been made.


The keys are held by a limited distribution list to ensure we maintain the security of the building. When you book the church hall, please agree with the Bookings Manager how you will gain entry. If you have been loaned a key, please treat it as you would your own front door key, and return it immediately following your booking as others may need it. There is one single key for opening the main door and when you leave, please make sure you try the door to ensure it is locked.

Please note, the door in the kitchen is for use in emergencies only, and should not be opened.  Access to and from the Wrawby Street side is by the door in the hall.


The main light switches are to the left of the door on entering the church hall. Various other light switches, e.g. for the toilets, etc, are located on the same wall, at the far end. Please ensure that all lights are switched off on leaving the building.


If you need to move any tables or chairs or the piano for your use, please ensure that they are all returned to the positions in which you found them. Chairs are stacked and stored tidily at the far end of the hall.  Tables are stacked tidily by the kitchen serving hatch.  More tables are available if needed; they are stored in the disabled toilets.


Please ensure that these are not removed or defaced.  If you wish to display a notice, please contact either the incumbent or the Bookings Manager.


You are welcome to play it, but unfortunately as it does easily go out of tune as such, please do not allow children to play on it.

Showing of video’s/dvd’s

If you show any videos or dvd’s you will need to obtain and supply a copy of a Public Broadcasting License.

Kitchen/food and drink

You are very welcome to use the kitchen. There are kettles, a boiler and microwave available along with plates, cutlery, etc. Please ensure that all items are returned to their storage locations clean and all electrical items are switched off. If you have used the tea towels, then please allow them to dry by hanging them up. Please ensure that all food items are removed from the church after your use to minimise ants/pests in the church.   There are rubbish bins outside of the church for you to use for small amounts of waste and new bin bags in the cupboard under the sink.  Please remove larger quantities and dispose of them at home.  Please leave all surfaces clean and dry and ensure all switches are in the off position.   Cleaning materials are kept in the cupboard next to the oven.  Please do not use the kitchen emergency exit for any purpose other than an emergency, and please refrain from wearing stiletto heals on the new kitchen floor.

Disabled access

From Bigby Street, please use the door to the right (it is ramped, and the door key is kept in the lock – ensure it’s locked when you leave); from Wrawby Street, please use the door into the Church Hall.

First Aid/Accident book

The First Aid Kit and Accident Book are located in the kitchen, on the shelf below the microwave oven.  It is the blue tin with a red cross/white background.  Please report any accidents or emergencies to Mrs Smith

Departure Check list

Kitchen area:                All items stowed away

All electrical items switched off

Tea towels hung up to dry

Dishcloths rinsed and hung up to dry

Sink emptied, and wiped clean.

Washing up bowl empty and wiped clean.

Bins emptied into outside dustbin

All excess rubbish removed from building

Furniture:                     All furniture back to position it was found in.

Chairs stacked no more than 4 high and replaced according to the plan

Decorations:                All balloons, banners etc. have been removed

Heating:                       As you found it.

Lights:                          All lights switched off

Doors:                          All locked securely and key returned to the key holder

Gate:                            Gate closed