Daily Prayer

The Church of England website includes the following introduction to Daily Prayer…


“[The pattern … embrace the three key elements of praise, intercession and engagement with Scripture which form the heart of the daily praying tradition of the Church. It is a praying tradition that ranges from the Daily Office – celebrated as Christians gather together, perhaps with symbol, movement and song – to other styles of daily prayer, where individuals reflect on the Scriptures with or without the help of set forms of prayer, but often using a common scheme of Bible reading.
Prayer During the Day, Morning and Evening Prayer and Night Prayer provide ways of punctuating each day of the week with praise, prayer and attention to Scripture, Thus, as George Herbert puts it, ‘seven whole days, not one in seven’ will we praise God, pray for God’s world and allow ourselves to be formed and re-formed by God’s word. This introduction to Common Worship: Daily Prayer is intended to help each person or group to make the most suitable and satisfying use of this provision. It is followed by some general notes and seasonal notes relevant to all the Orders of Prayer. More detailed guidance is provided in the introduction and the accompanying notes to Prayer During the Day, Morning and Evening Prayer and Night Prayer.”


On the Church of England website, you will find the Offices of Morning Prayer, Midday Office, Evening Prayer and Night Prayer (Compline) via the following link…


Here you can even upload the Offices directly to your mobile telephone to use them on the go, free of charge.