Developing Discipleship Programme 2018

During 2018, we wish to build on our foundations… to do better the things we already do.  And so, during the coming year, we aim to …

  1. improve the quality of our welcome by reviewing our welcome.  Members of Saint John’s are invited to join us as we engage in the course, Everybody Welcome in the new year.
  2. encourage, equip and enable congregants to take a more active role in our pastoral ministry.  Initially, we will focus on baptisms.  A small number already share this ministry with me, but we hope to involve more people in our baptism preparation, welcome at baptisms and our follow up.
  3. create more opportunities for people to come together for growth, support and fellowship, through small groups.
  4. improve our work for social justice… not by taking on new things, but by better highlighting, supporting, praying for and raising the awareness of the good work already being done by so many individuals and organisations within our local community and further afield.
  5. build into the PCC and our various sub-committees a regular pattern of review.  We will do this using two complementary models – ABCD Review (identifies what we can Affirm, do Better, Change and Ditch) and SWOT analysis (identifies our Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats).  The fruits of these reviews must be SMART (Simple, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound).
  6. review our initiation resources for new PCC members, and the refresher material for existing members.  Every two years I produce new resources to help PCC members, in 2018, members will work together to produce these.

To help embed the fruits of our DDP work into the life of Saint John’s, we will try to bring together the various strands of our common life and the priorities of the various groups, such as the Worship Leaders, the PCC and its sub-committees, and so forth.  Each month, we will produce a themed prayer resource, to try and reflect the themes of that month – Church, nature, society, etc.   These will be tied into our monthly PCC priorities and will give a focus to the theme of The Three C’s