The Diocese of Lincoln

Our group of parishes are part of the Diocese of Lincoln.

The Diocese of Lincoln is the Church of England in Lincolnshire, North Lincolnshire and North-east Lincolnshire. The Diocese covers 2,673 square miles and has a population of 943,000. There are around 31,000 people on the Church Electoral Rolls. There are more than 220 clergy and lay workers serving 240 benefices with 514 parishes and 647 church buildings.

The Diocese of Lincoln as constituted by William the Conqueror stretched from the Humber to the Thames, covering the modern counties of Lincoln, North & North East Lincs, Leicester, Northampton, Huntingdon, Hertford, Cambridge, Bedford, Oxford and Buckingham. Cambridge was removed by the formation of the Diocese of Ely in 1109.

The rest of this great Diocese continued intact throughout the middle ages. It was divided into the eight archdeaconries of Lincoln, Stow, Leicester, Northampton (consisting of Northants, and Rutland), Huntingdon (Hunts and Herts except for the Archdeaconry of St Albans, which became an exempt jurisdiction in 1163), Bedford, Oxford and Buckingham. The Archdeaconries of Oxford and Northampton were taken away from the diocese in 1541-2 to form the dioceses of Oxford and Peterborough, leaving the diocese divided geographically into a northern and a southern portion.

In 1837 the archdeaconries of Bedford and Huntingdon, with the exception of the Hertfordshire parishes, were transferred to the diocese of Ely, the archdeaconry of Buckingham to the diocese of Oxford, and the archdeaconry of Leicester to the diocese of Peterborough. The Hertfordshire parishes were removed in 1845, and became part of the diocese of Rochester.

One addition was made: the archdeaconry of Nottingham was added in 1837, but was retained only until 1884, when it was transferred to the newly-formed diocese of Southwell. A new archdeaconry of Lindsey was created in 1933.

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The Bishop of Lincoln, The Rt Revd Christopher Lowson.bishop of lincoln

The Rt Revd Christopher Lowson is the 72nd Bishop of Lincoln. He was educated at Newcastle Cathedral School, Consett Grammar School and King’s College London and ordained in 1978. He began his ordained ministry as an Assistant Curate in Richmond, Surrey, and was successively Priest in charge then Vicar at Holy Trinity, Eltham. From 1982 to 1985 he was Chaplain at Avery Hill College and then of Thames Polytechnic until 1991, when he became Vicar of Petersfield and Rector of Buriton.

He held this appointment for eight years, and for the last four of these he was also Rural Dean of Petersfield. In 1999 he became Archdeacon of Portsmouth, which then almost immediately split into two, Archdeacon of the Meon and Archdeacon of Portsdown, the latter of which he was until 2006. In that year he was appointed Director of the Ministry Division of the Archbishops Council and Priest Vicar of Westminster Abbey, posts he held until his consecration to the Episcopate. Christopher Lowson was consecrated as a bishop on the 21st of September 2011 at Westminster Abbey and enthroned at Lincoln Cathedral on the 12th of November.

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