How could this be done?

The response of a member of the House of Clergy…

I welcome the report, which I believe is a timely call for the whole church to recruit church leaders who are able and equipped to train and release ordinary church members into operating as disciples of Jesus Christ in their ordinary everyday lives 24\7.

Mission is for the many not the few!

The health of the church is not measured by is seating capacity but by its sending capacity. Christians gathered for worship on a Sunday need to be equipped to be Jesus disciples in the world, as we are sent out Monday to Saturday.

How can we give greater confidence to Christian disciples to witness for Christ every day?

  1. Sharing my story. A simple 2 minutes explanation about how I came to faith in Jesus Christ and the difference he makes to my life. Write it, practice it, use it. Confidence!
  2. Sharing Jesus story. Learning a simple outline of the good news, so you can explain to someone else the story of Jesus. Practice it, learn it and use it when the opportunity arrives
  3. Sharing Bible stories. Teaching Christians to learn some gospel stories about Jesus that they bring into a conversation or invite someone to explore with them over a number of weeks. Four or five simple questions. What does this story say about God? What does this story tell me about people? Where do I fit into the story? Is there a command to obey or a promise to believe? What one thing do I want to share with someone else from this story?
  4. Teach all disciples of Jesus to offer to pray with people when then share a need. Make the offer, pray out loud so they can hear your prayer. People will be touched and become more open because of your care and concern.
  5. Help the congregation to know what their spiritual gifts are so that they can understand how God may be already using them in the work place, through the gifts he has given them, in leadership, pastoral care, concern for justice, administration, teaching etc.

My thanks to Revd. Taylor for permission to share his thoughts, which resonate with our vision and aims here at Brigg.