Lent, Holy Week and Easter Services 2017

thLent, Holy Week and Easter Services



09th March        1200    St John’s, Brigg               Lent Lunch

14th March        1930     St Andrew’s, Bonby        Stations of the Cross

16th March        1200     Methodists, Brigg           Lent Lunch

23rd March       1200      St John’s, Brigg              Lent Lunch

30th March       1200      RC Church, Brigg           Lent Lunch

06th April          1200      Methodists, Brigg          Lent Lunch

gTeong5RcPalm Sunday:

09th April         0930     St John’s, Brigg                                                 Eucharist with Liturgy of the Palms

                              1100      St Mary’s, Wrawby                                               Eucharist  with Liturgy of the Palms

Tuesday of Holy week:

11th April              1100          Lincoln Cathedral           Chrism mass

Wednesday of Holy Week:

12th April             0900           St Mary’s, Wrawby         Eucharist

1800            St John’s, Brigg                                                                         Praying with Anglican Prayer Beads

Maundy Thursday:

13th April         1900           St John’s, Brigg               Maundy Thursday Eucharist followed by 1 hr Vigil


Good Friday:

14th April        1000            St Mary’s, Wrawby       Good Friday Liturgy

                            1130             St Andrew’s, Bonby      Good Friday Liturgy#

                            1130             Brigg                                   Walk of Witness

                            1330            St John’s, Brigg              Good Friday Liturgy

Easter Day:


16th April       0800            St John’s, Brigg                Parish Eucharist

                           0930            St Mary’s, Wrawby          Parish Eucharist

                           1100            All Saints, Cadney            Parish Eucharist