Our Aims

Developing Discipleship Programme


At Saint John’s we engaged in the Diocesan Developing Discipleship Programme during May 2016.  Our Archdeacon, Venerable Mark Steadman, and Revd. Fran Jeffries from the Diocesan Discipleship Team joined us on Pentecost Sunday to pray for us, and to launch the programme.   Congregation members were then invited to come together with the PCC and some of the Diocese’s Discipleship Officers at a number of meetings to pray, reflect and discern what God might be calling us to do, and to where He may be leading us over the next five years.


Through these conversations, the following has emerged:


Our mission statement


                   God at the heart of St. John’s; St. John’s at the heart of Brigg


  • Here at St. John the Evangelist, as a Christian Community and as of disciples of Christ, we are committed to putting God first. God created (made) us, redeems (saves) us and sanctifies (makes holy) us.  He is our first principle, from Whom everything else flows.  We at St. John’s seek to put Him at the heart of all that we do.
  • Recognising how God is constantly moving towards us, and drawing us into Himself, we at St. John’s wish to be outward looking, going out from the building into the community to share with others the Good News of our faith. As disciples, we commit ourselves to going out into the community to share God’s story and build His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.  With love and compassion we long to make a difference in the lives of the people of Brigg.


Our values


                   Faith, hope and love


  • 1 Corinthians 13:13 – these are called The Theological Virtues.
  • Faith is the theological virtue by which believe in God and believe in all that He has said and will reveal to us.[1] It is our absolute trust in God, Who’s Word is true.  We belief in the promise that God will hear and answer our prayers and through us, establish His Kingdom, and will bring us into His Eternal Kingdom.
  • Hope is the theological virtue by which we desire the Kingdom of Heaven and eternal life as our happiness.[2] As we put our faith in God, we rely not on our human strength, but on the help and grace of the Holy Spirit.  Hope helps us to be faithful in doing God’s work – the hope that we will be able to hear God and work alongside Him
  • Love is the theological virtue by which we love God above all things for His own sake, and our neighbours as ourselves for the love of God.[3] God is love.  He loves us all beyond measure, we long to share God’s love with the people around us, because He loves us.  Love is God’s nature.  God is love, and those who live in love live in God, and He lives in them (1 Jn. 4:16)

Our vision


                    To develop further as a prayerful, God centred, vibrant and accessible church


  • We wish to continue to grow in prayerfulness, with God at the core of everything, in such a way that we attract others into our faith community. We wish to enable others to access God through our openness and welcome.



and our prayer


                        Almighty God,

                   we pray that our church may be a place where

                             we can encounter You,

                             grow together,

                             and share Your message with our community;

                   May we thankfully celebrate our status as Your beloved children.

                   In the prayerful stillness,

                             form and transform us by Your forgiveness and healing;

                             and with joyful spirits may we give ourselves in humble service to all.

                   This we ask in Jesus name.



  • The Church is the body through which Christ continues His mission in the world. Our prayer is that we may be holy, catholic and apostolic.  Holy – in communion with God; Catholic – in community with each other; Apostolic – sent out or commissioned to serve God in the world.
  • With thankful hearts, we wish to celebrate the fact that God invites us into a relationship with Himself, and that He calls us His beloved children.
  • Recognising that we are His beloved children, we wish to open our hearts to receive God’s wholeness and peace, and share this with the people we meet in the wider world.



To begin to make this happen,

  • we wish to reduce our busyness, to free up time for prayer, bible study, reflection and fellowship
  • we will seek to put on more themed prayer events, at which we can worship God, and pray for the needs of the Church, the world, our community and each other
  • we aim to talk more openly about God, allowing God to speak in and through us, as we share our faith with the people around us
  • this is a vibrant group, with a huge amount taking place each month. We hope to encourage more people to join in
  • we would like to have open conversations about the barriers which perhaps make us less accessible than we wish to be

[1] Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1999; p. 402 – 1812

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