Review of 2017

2017 has been an extremely productive year, and God’s grace and blessings have been numerous.  Here are some of the highlights…

The PCC are working more effectively thanks to our engagement in CPAS’s PCC Tonight, led by Revd. Trudy and by making better use of the Standing Committee.

We were blessed by the election of Mr. S. Nightingale as Churchwarden, to work with Mrs. S. Noel-Hiles.

A small team worked extremely hard to produce a stewardship programme, Prayer and Pledges 2017- we continue to pray that we will be blessed through this.

Pray God, our new healing boiler will be up and running by Christmas.

Farmer’s Market Mass.

We’ve almost completed our work of ensuring that we have all of the correct polices in place for our own protection, and the wellbeing of those who come to us.

We were extremely blessed by our fifty days of prayer for the Holy Spirit between Easter and Pentecost.

Archbishop’s week of prayer for the nation.

Our relationships with the wider community and organisations continued to be blessed, fruitful and enriching.

We hosted Brigg Town’s first Festival of Christmas Trees and Wreaths


In September 2017, members of the Diocesan Discipleship Team joined us for an evening, and led us through a review of our progress in the first year of our DDP. These are the fruits of our conversations.

 What do we want to celebrate?

Increased prayer life

Ecumenical – Shop and sharing services

New look notices – The Three C’s

Costa – Café Church

Increased prayer at meetings: for example, we light a candle and have empty chair at PCC to remind us of God’s presence, and that it is He who chairs our meetings; We stop at 8 p.m. for five minutes of prayer, led by a member of the PCC

PCC is more effective

Coming together – A qualified success

Church Hall

Trudy – Curate training – all involved

Whilst we don’t want to ditch anything, we know we cannot take any more on

Sharing roles

Website, notices overhaul and more use of Facebook

Celebrations and Thanksgivings in notices

Five Marks of Mission

PCC Tonight sessions in PCC meetings

Vibrancy in services (people staying longer after services for both discussion and fellowship)

Fifty days of prayer from Easter to Pentecost

People comfortable to just ‘be’ – not all doing

Farmers Market Mass

The desire to improve what we are doing


What sticking points do we want to reflect on?

Reducing busyness

environment of worship

Things take a long time to progress

Most of the work still falls on a few shoulders – Vicar included

Hard to let go of things – can’t see what to let go of to reduce busyness

Few do a lot of work – “The harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few”

Owning corporate decisions


What surprises have we experienced?

Reviewing what we do – we don’t want to ‘let go’ of anything

Growing the Thursday morning coffee group – outreach fellowship

Log jam on church building issues freed up quite suddenly

Support from Methodist congregation… some join us at our prayer groups

Parallel insights, inspirations and affirmations … the Holy Spirit at work

Visitors/encounters with people can be surprising

Other clergy/people in diocese asking for our resources

Parish reputation (good)


Where have we most felt the Spirit at work?

Trudy – refreshes our thinking – new ideas and thoughts – vibrancy

Congregation – growing in confidence to talk about, and share their faith

Ecumenical things

Interest by town community in St. John’s – openness

New people coming in

The Third Sunday Evening Services – Taize, Celtic Evening Service, Healing Service


Parallel insights, inspirations and affirmations

Parallel discussions between TH/OM and the same ideas coming from PCC members through PCC Tonight

Through sermons

We are a safe place



What might we share with others?

Faith, commitment to tasks and their fulfilment

Prayers during PCC meetings

Faith talk

Notices – new look




DDP Leaders suggest…

  • The way the PCC is bringing in prayer to meetings
  • helping people to share their faith
  • The Three C’s