Faith Conversations…….

Faith Conversations…..

In our monthly notices we invite members of our congregation to talk about God in their lives. Below are the questions we ask……

How would you answer?????

  1. How did you come to faith?
  2. Why is going to church important to you?
  3. What is your favourite aspect of church life?
  4. How does prayer shape your life?
  5. what is your favourite verse (or story) of scripture? Why?
  6. What is God doing in, for, with and/or through you at this time?

If you would like to read our congregation members answers in the notices, please do contact Fr Owain (01652 653989) and he will gladly post you a copy of the notices. Or if you are passing on a Sunday or Thursday morning or on the 4th Saturday (Farmers Market day), then do please feel free to pop in and pick up a copy. There are plenty of spares, if you cannot immediately see one, just ask any of us and we will gladly help.