We Believe…

Here at St John’s we believe….

Every Sunday at our main parish Eucharistic services we declare our faith through saying together the Creed.

Follow the link below to read the Church of England’s Creedal Statement:


But we also believe that God is calling us to live out this statement of belief, not just recite it.

Following God’s call to live out our faith Here at Saint John’s, we believe…

  • that we are not the centre of the universe, God is
  • that worship and prayer have a positive effect on our whole life that God gives us all that we need to enjoy a happy life that we are to be inclusive, and all are God’s children that the evidence for God’s existence is seen in all creation – God is the ‘Who’ Who creates, science is His ‘how’
  • that God’s plan is much better than ours
  • that life can be painful and hard, with much suffering; God shares in this with us, He doesn’t create it
  • that Jesus died so that we may live
  • that we are human beings, not human doings
  • that life is a gift, and time can be wasted
  • that it is what we do in the present that counts, not what we have done in the past
  • that the Holy Spirit gives us hope
  • that we get things wrong and have a fresh start every minute of every day
  • that saying sorry is a sign of strength
  • that no one is a burden and that problems can be shared
  • that all people are worth our time, care and full attention
  • that we are the only institution that exists for the benefit of its non-members
  • that our relationship with God enriches our congregation and helps us serve our community
  • that we can love people of all faiths and none
  • that there is no one whom we cannot care for or love

And we truly believe that Saint John the Evangelist, Brigg would be a better place with you